2015 Winners

Audience Award
Run Out (Canada 2014), directed by André Gaumond

Best cinematography
Corto (France 2014), directed by Alexis de Vigan

Best actress
ViviAnn Yee in The Light and the Little Girl (United States 2014), directed by Guy Pooles

Best short film
ThunderCluck (United States 2014), directed by Paul Tillery

Best super short film
Drogba Vs. Malaria (France 2014), directed by Jeremy Guerrieri

Best longer short film
Kiko’s Paradise (Spain 2014), directed by Paco Gisbert

Best Surprise Us film
I’ve Just Had a Dream (Spain 2014), directed by Javier Navarro

Best screenplay
The Fix, written by Steven Canfield Crowley (United States)

Best short screenplay
Five Days in Calcutta, written by Fred Perry (United States)

Golden Piglet Award
Grown Ups (Spain 2014), directed by Javier Marco

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