2017 Official Selection

Longer short films
Alike (France 2016), directed by Choukri Ben Meriem
Bereavement (Spain 2016), directed by Yolanda Román
Unlikely Temptations (USA 2016), directed by Cory Reeder
Muet (Switzerland 2015), directed by Yann Renzi
You are You (Spain 2016), directed by Carmen Gomez Peralta
The Fixed Shower Head (Italy 2016), directed by Gino Ceriachi

Short films
Cowboys & Indians (Spain 2016), directed by Emilia Ruiz
Mama’s Precious Boy (Italy 2012), directed by Sara Spinelli
Element (Colombia 2016), directed by Nina Paola Marin Diaz
A sweet heart inside a cappuccino (Italy 2016), directed by Marco Daffra
Stripes (France 2016), directed by Tibo Pinsard
Stay (USA 2016), directed by Andrés Gallegos
The Ballad Of Gloria Sedgwick (Canada 2016), directed by Bex Carney
The Road (USA 2017), directed by Timur Bootzin

Super short films
Pirouette (China 2014), directed by Zige Zhang
The Way (Uruguay, 2017), directed by Augusto Goicoechea
Notorious Corn (France, 2015), directed by Mallory Grolleau
Hydrant’s Revenge (USA, 2016), directed by Jhaimesen Jackson
The Minute (Colombia, 2016), directed by Adrián Suárez
I Am Not A Mouse (UK, 2015), directed by Evgenia Golubeva
Switch (Canada, 2016), directed by Max Machado

Surprise Us
Mi e Ti (Italy 2015), directed by Samuele Gottardello
Green Shoes (Kazakhstan, 2016), directed by Olga Korotko

Short screenplay
Gourmet Recipe, written by Chris Beadnell (Australia)
Perceptions, written by Ian Wilson (Canada)
The Facts of Life, written by Chris Beadnell (Australia)
Baby Hope, written by Bruno Gomes (Portugal)

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