2018 Official Selection

Longer short films
Rose (Netherlands 2017), directed by Joris Hoefakker
Vernon and Violet (USA 2017), directed by Nikoletta Kanakis
His First Time (Canada 2017), directed by Angie Violet Hawes

Feature films
The Song of Sway Lake (USA 2017), directed by Ari Gold
Poetry & Melody (Brazil 2017), directed by Flavio Colombini
No Place Like on the Road (Hungary 2017), directed by Balint Mark Turi

The Silent Glow – Recovering the Present (Germany 2017), directed by Anja Krug-Metzinger

Short films
A Sign (France/Canada 2016), directed by Mahée Merica
Ephemeral (Canada 2017), directed by Marie-Pier Chayer Demers
Malysh (USA 2017), directed by Sam Ashurov
Come and die (Germany 2015), directed by Irina Arms
A Girl (Canada 2016), directed by Marie Chemin

Super short films
Angel City (USA 2017), directed by Francisco Lorite
Nasty Water (Switzerland 2016), directed by Uwe Schwarzwalder
Door (USA 2017), directed by Hiroki Jimbow

Big Bad Handsome Man (Canada 2014), performed by Linda Carone
It’s Over (Ireland 2015), composed by Cathal Feeney
Switzerland (Canada 2016), directed by Angie Violet Hawes

People and the Sea (Egypt 2017) by Ashraf Mahdy
Low Light (Panama 2017) by Ricardo Troya
Remembering the Last Book That I Read (USA 2017) by Hannah Ponder
Faces of the Earth (Turkey 2017) by Merthan Kortan
Salt and Light (USA 2017) by Hailey Patrick

aka Q’s Superhero Movie, written by Qiyue Sun (USA)
The Piano Love, written by Christine Hally (Ireland)
Confessions of a College Hustler, written by Phil Hollins (USA)
Don’t Go Outside, written by David Keogh (UK)

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