2016 Official Selection

Longer short films
Sense (Netherlands 2014), directed by John Baak
Relativity explained to children (France 2014), directed by Pierre Gaffié

Short films
Light It Up (UK 2015), directed by Car Tam
Dear Tom (Spain 2015), directed by David Tembleque
In Case of Emergency (United States 2015), directed by Sophia Yu
Poop on Poverty (India 2015), directed by Vijay S. Jodha
Give and Break (Norway 2015), directed by Nicolai Caspari Stigar
Switch Man (Taiwan 2015), directed by Hsun-Chun Chuang

Super short films
Children Parents and Technology (India 2015), directed by Ranjit Koka
The Question (UK, 2015), directed by Sabina Sattar
Migration (Spain, 2014), directed by Ricard Carbonell

Surprise Us
Isabelle (Australia 2014), directed by Anja Celine Pedersen
The Genie (Puerto Rico 2015), directed by Johnny Whitehead
Two words too many (Canada 2015), directed by Clint D’Souza
Rupert (France 2015), Lucas de Gastines France

Short screenplay
Roll A Seven Go to heaven, written by Jas Shenstone (Australia)
Ice Cream, written by Wynn Reichert (United States)
The Saddest Day, written by Bruno Gomes (Portugal)
The Wish, written by Margaret Dane (UK)
Terms and Conditions, written by Bradford N. Smith (United States)
Gone Fishing, written by Steven Canfield Crowley (United States)

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