Hallowed Be

God finishes creation of man (by the name of Crap) but loses his work after restarting the computer, so he passes the task to his best angel – Angel 666.

Official poster

Official poster

God is creating man on His computer. He wears shades. He calls for His angel 666 to demo his work. Angel 666 is dressed in red and they have a short clarification about colors, then God briefly shows him the man He created named Crap. Angel 666 likes the name and what God created. After the last click, the computer asks for a reboot in order for the changes to take effect. He restarts the computer and it leads Him to the next surprise: His work has not been saved because of a security application He had active on the computer at the moment of restart. God gives Angel 666 the task of creating Crap again. Angel 666 refuses, so God calls the guardian. Angel 666 determines the guardian (with a suggestive look) to have God seized, takes His place in front of the computer and starts working.

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