Feature Films

“Cuore Rosso-Nero – Past Present and Future” – in development (working on the first draft of the script and trying to get some people in AC Milan high management on board)

Moving Back in All Directions” – documentary about Jim Morrison related places in California (Alameda and Los Angeles)

“Snowdrops for Simone, Roses for Anya” – in development (first three drafts of the script finished)

Softwaring Hard” – documentary – shot in 13 countries around the world and released in June 2014Gold Award at the Documentary & Short International Movie Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia) 2015, Best Documentary at the Euro Film Festival (Marbella, Spain) 2015, official selection of Haida Gwaii Film Festival (Queen Charlotte, BC) 2015, official Selection at Festival de Cine (Paracho, Mexico) 2015, official selection at the COLOR International Film Festival of India (Ahmedabad, India) August 2015, Festicine Infancia International Film Festival (Bogota, Colombia) October 2015, official selection at the International Scientific Film Festival (Szolnok, Hungary) October 2015

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