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Softwaring Hard (2014)

Director: Alex Pop
Writer: Alex Pop
Release Date: 31 May 2014
Genre: Documentary
A documentary about the world of software and the software makers. How do people from outside the industry see it and what do people from inside the industry think about regular computer users?

Peter Willetts
Vanda Ciuban Serban
Aliona Munteanu
Sebastian Deery
Marie Goursolas
Lisa Di Capa
Alex Pop
Helen Kas
Anca Costinas
Evalina Turpin
Mihai Roth
Bjorn Ellingsen
Harshad Petkar
Marika Debelic
Oleg Kozlovski
Mario Bizier
Vaishnavi Petkar
Taraneh Mehdi-Behesht
Parmod Kumar Singla
Mitra Sarraf
Lorna Jakins
Suzanne Handman
Sonia Shoja
Sam Rossetti
Amir Anasori
Eddy Jakins
Chris Aretsinis
James McArthur
Dan Croft
Yack Hayra Perucchi
Natty Yatty
Josiah Kavuma
Fernando Buson
Marie de Chambrier
Johnan Kwagala
Gokhan Aksu
Miguel Pertusatti
Joshua Okell
Guillaume Klughertz
Jimmy Piroutek
Rafael Solis
Daniel Nanghaka Khauka
Caglar Sapolyo
Ramón Jacques
Sunita Rani Jain
Ersin Ates
Rafael Morioka Oda
Varun Singla
Audrey Bassien Capsa
Asaph Kasujja
Cicero Lopes da Silva Filho
Chhavi Sharma Cheema
Mustafa Oz
Nelson Hage
Sarbjit Pannu
Frederic Lette

Produced by
Sami Abubaker
Gunce Ates …. unit producer
William Justin Crooks …. unit producer
Hesam Dehghani …. unit producer
Simone Gomes …. unit producer
Glen Eric Huysamer …. unit producer
Guillaume Klughertz …. unit producer
Julian Nabunya …. unit producer
Sonaal Pannu …. unit producer
Alex Pop …. executive producer
Alex Pop …. producer
Salomón Reyes …. unit producer
Valeria Schneider …. assistant producer: second unit
Vanda Ciuban Serban …. executive producer
Agnella Nakiranda …. unit production manager
Cinematography by Alex Pop
Second Unit Directors or Assistant Directors
Gunce Ates …. second unit director
William Justin Crooks …. second unit director
Hesam Dehghani …. second unit director
Paulo Fernando Ferreira Silva Filho …. second unit assistant director
Simone Gomes …. second unit director
Glen Eric Huysamer …. second unit director
Guillaume Klughertz …. second unit director
Julian Nabunya …. second unit director
Sonaal Pannu …. second unit director
Anja Celine Pedersen …. second unit director
Melissa Piroutek …. second unit assistant director
Salomón Reyes …. second unit director
Sound Department
Alex Pop …. sound editor
Alex Pop …. sound mixer
Adnan Senkumba …. sound mixer (as Adnan Ssenkumba)
Camera and Electrical Department
Sami Abubaker …. assistant camera
Gunce Ates …. camera operator
Gabriel Bibbó …. camera operator
Gabriel Bibbó …. second cinematographer
William Justin Crooks …. camera operator
Paulo Fernando Ferreira Silva Filho …. camera operator
Glen Eric Huysamer …. camera operator
Shahriyar Kavoosi …. second cinematographer
Guillaume Klughertz …. camera operator
Rony Mugerwa …. second cinematographer
Sonaal Pannu …. camera operator
Anja Celine Pedersen …. camera operator
Melissa Piroutek …. camera operator
Alex Pop …. camera operator
Caglar Sapolyo …. assistant camera
Other crew
Gunce Ates …. translator: turkish-english
Daniel Kibirige …. runner
Guillaume Klughertz …. translator: french-english
Sammy Mugisha …. production assistant
Melissa Piroutek …. translator: portuguese-english
Alex Pop …. translator: french-english
Alex Pop …. translator: romanian-english
Salomón Reyes …. translator: spanish/english
Film Editing by Alex Pop
Amalia Cimpean …. personal thanks
Jaehun Han …. thanks
Serban Morcovescu …. thanks
George Motoc …. personal thanks
Vanda Ciuban Serban …. thanks
Schramm ….in memory of
Peter Roytenberg ….in memory of
Production Company: Porcovete Pictures
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English
After a few glitches with funds and editing, the final release date was set to May 31st 2014, the director’s 40 anniversary. Finally, the official world premiere happened on June 6th 2014 in Montreal, at Dollar Cinema (6900 Decarie Square) starting at 6 PM.
One of the participants, Schramm the kangaroo got bitten by a snake and passed on in September 2013.
One of Alex Pop’s friends an job mates, Peter Roytenberg, passed away at the beginning of February 2014, aged 39. At the beginning of preproduction he had helped Alex deciding to keep the actual title, “Softwaring Hard”, over “Baking Software”.


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