Snowdrops for Simone, Roses for Anya

Simone is a special girl who sees everything different than the others: more colorful and vivid, except for the moments when she’s sad, mad or desperate. She is passionate about theatre and that’s where she meets Edward, a young musician who is also involved with theatre and is working on a director friend’s production. They meet at the rehearsals.

They have a beautiful romance and they get married. Happily married. Then routine and heavy schedules set in and seem to set them apart forever: she spends a lot of time rehearsing as she’s getting some success with her films while Edward longs for her while getting successful as a musician.

At one point she meets Anya online and they develop a fast platonic relationship, we see Simone and Edward falling apart, until Edward finally meets Anya – and this is the film’s happy ending.

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