Official selection for It’s A Kind of Magic Turtle

Vanda‘s and my film It’s A Kind of Magic Turtle got an official selection to a special festival – CinéWomen, a festival for women filmmakers and artists. Congratulations, my dearest, and also congratulations to the entire team:
Vanda Ciuban Serban, Rudy Bositampen, Marielle Felicio Marra, Luiz Gabriel Menis, Nando Mercuri, Ada Mihaela, Mythos (the turtle), Antonia Iulia Pop, Melody Anita Pop, Danny MAlin, Carol Tatum Angelsofvenice, Ovidiu Toma, Nicu Marinescu, Mikelson Toussaint Fils, Alive Bluhm, Douglas Frankenberger, Alfredo Masin, Amalia Cimpean, Serban Moescu, Lucian Cosmin Oniga, Taras Vlasov, Peter Willetts.
The award is Vanda and It`s A Kind of Magic Turtle being featured in the next edition of CinéWomen.

Magic Turtle - Vanda selection

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