Rhodes Learns from the Things – First Official Selection

Three weeks after I finished editing, our film Rhodes Learns from the Things, featuring the amazing young actor Rhodes Youngblutt, already got its first official selection at the Los Angeles Cinefest. As a part of the June 2015 awards competition there is an online voting already on here:
The film is available to watch:
I count on all of you to support our film with your votes. The voting ends on June 17.
Congratulations to the great team I gathered together for this project:
Rhodes Thelonius Youngblutt, Eskae Young, Dk Young, Vanda Ciuban Serban, Cam Visuals, Miles Sentner Youngblutt, Windy Youngblutt, Antonia Iulia Pop, Maha El-Khatib, Muhamad El-Khatib, Arturo Rubio, Lorena Rubio, Andrei Toma, Svetlana Marco, Melody Anita Pop, Jimi Tsakalis, Adriana Pop, Alec Vanowen, Sylvie Lambert, Arleny Berenice, Fernando Lopez,Gabrielle Shiva Safari, Günce Bilenoğlu Ateş, Sylvie Beauchamp, Mario Bizier, Dani TwizDead, Serge Debono, Jordan Elsass, Stage and Screen Actor, Roberto Freire Forga, Idalia Garcia, Marie Goursolas, Jaehun Han, Bernard Langlois, Fred Perry, Dwayne Mp, Mikelson Toussaint Fils (and of course myself).

LA Cinefest

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